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Below is a list of basic BattleStick questions and their answers.

Please read this before posting a topic which already got its question and answer here.
If your question is not on this list, then you can create a topic and we will try our best to answer it.

Q: When will this be in the game, and why that has been changed, it used to be so much better?
A: The game is being developed by a talented team. Our developers work days and nights out to make “BattleStick” even better. We have our vision of the game and our perspective on how it should evolve and we stick to this plan. If you have some good ideas to suggest, please post them on the public forum.
We do read them, and reply from time to time.

Q: What is the game's company?
A: The game is developed by a French company called Pinterac.

Q: Which programming language do you use?
A: It is essentially HTML5, and some JavaScript.

Q: How do I control my character?
A: Use WASD keys for moving.

Q: How do I shoot someone?
A: Left-click to shoot.

Q: How do I place a mine?
A: Right-click to place a mine.

Q: What is this "Play" button?
A: "Play" button lets you play a battle. When clicked, you will be sent to a random server with a battle in it.

Q: How do I chat?
A: Click "Enter" to type a message, "H" to hide the chat, and "Tab" to switch between public messages and team messages.

Q: How can I access the forum?
A: Forum address - https://forums.battlestick.net/. Register an account with any appropriate nickname you want — you may also include your BattleStick in-game nickname.

Q: How do I earn coins?
A: Coins are the only currency in this game you can buy items with. There are three ways of earning coins.

1. You play the game actively and get lots of kills.
2. Press the "Buy Coins" icon and you will see a window with different coins packages and their cost. Choose the package that suits you the best.
3. Watch advertisements every 10 minutes and earn 75 coins.
4. Participate in contests/tournaments, win them and earn some prizes.

Q: What are these levels for?
A: Levels give you access to different kinds of weapons, skins and mines.

Q: How much XP and coins do I earn per a kill?
A: You earn 30 XP and 2 coins per a kill in TDM.

Q: I want to change a weapon, skin or a mine. How to change?
A: Press "M".

Q: How do I transfer coins to other players?
A: You can’t do that. It is not possible to transfer coins, weapons, skins and mines to other players.

Q: How do I sell items I don’t need anymore?
A: You can’t do that.

Q: What are the game modes?
A: There are two game modes:

1. Free For All – In this mode you are battling against all other players. The goal is to get more kills than the others.

2. Team Deathmatch – is team vs team match. The primary objective of this game mode is to kill as many players of the opposing team as possible in order to win the battle.

Q: I’m trying to get into the game but I see “Connecting to server...” and it doesn't end. Why does that happen?
A: There is occasional maintenance in the game. This is done after a new update will be released. The server can be down for the period of 30 minutes or even few hours sometimes. Meanwhile, there will be a topic about the maintenance info in the forum. You can check it out to see what's new in the game and chat with your fellow Stickmen on the forum.

Q: My loading is very slow. What to do?
A: If you play the game for the first time, it can take a couple of minutes to finish loading. If it is stuck at 1% for example, you can try clearing your cache or reloading the page. Also, while loading, it's suggested to look at the BattleStick window till it finishes loading.

Q: I can't see my character, it's black. What to do?
A: This usually happens if this is your first ever battle in BattleStick. Reloading the page should fix it.

Q: I lag a lot during the battle. What to do?
A: 1. You can try reloading the game page.
2. You can try to use another browser (like Google Chrome, Mozilla or Internet Explorer).
3. You can try to launch the game using different software, via game's client on Steam.

How can I leave a battle?
Press "M", then click on "Exit To Main Menu" if you want to exit the battle, or click on "Back to the game" if you want to return to the battle and continue playing.

Q: What is FPS?
A: FPS means Frames Per Second. It is the number of time the screen is refreshed in a second.

Q: I’ve found a bug. Where can I report it?
A: Go to BattleStick's official forum. Go to Bugs: Games and Forums section. Read the section rules and create a topic with the bug and some images/videos can also be suitable.

Q: How many accounts are registered in the game?
A: Currently, there are about 250,000+ accounts registered. Note that not all of them are daily-active players.

Q: I have more questions. Where can I ask them?
A: The best place is to ask your questions on the forum or talk to a staff member in the game. There are many smart people in the forum, and they will gladly help you out.

FAQ made by: Kamil
Li-Kam Community Manager of BattleStick Ready for answering your queries. Unanswerable-to-me queries will be sent to the developers.

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