Ideas for weapons abilities and skins.

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Wed Mar 01, 2017 10:52 pm

Weapon stats to keep track of which weapon someone uses the most, kills, damage, times fired, accuracy, and so on.

Reduced cost for skins for the weapon we use the most (for weapon stats). This would make it so that people who love using a specific weapon dont have to farm up THAT much to get thier favorite skin.

weapons (MELEE): Fists. 0.2 hits per second, 30 damage. Level 1 item. Skin: Brass knuckles.

- Knife. .3 hits per second. 40 damage. 20% chance to cause bleeding. Level 2 item. Skin: Dagger.

- Shortsword. .3 hits per second. 75 damage. Can hold the handle (its a thing) and use it as a blunt force object, has .4 hits per second. 75 damage. Knocks someone back a small bit. Level 3 item.

- Longsword. .4 hits per second. 100 damage. Can stab. once every 5 seconds. doing 200 damage. cant move while stabbing. Level 4 item.

- Hammer. 2 hits per second. 250 damage. Big radius. Knocks players back. Skin: Double-sided axe.

Ability: Double jump. Just a normal double jump. Goes as far as you went with your first jump. (your first jump went as far as it could, so will the double jump. if it went really short, so will the double jump.)

Ability: Throw weapon. Damage is 1.5x the weapons normal damage. your weapon will come back in 10 sec, or you can pick it up. If it is a throwable, you can not pick it up, it does 2x the normal weapon damage, and you get it back 3x the normal reload rate. (minimum 2 seconds)

-=Status Affects=-
Bleeding: 5 damage every .5 seconds. lasts 3 seconds. Can stack to 9 seconds. Healing for 2 seconds will cure it.

Knocked back: Ragdolling/healing and abilities cant be used while in the air from being knocked back. If hit again while in the air, you will be stunned and cant shoot while in the air. If you hit a wall, you can move.

This suggestion is in discord. If you like it, give it a thumbs up reaction to it!

*EDIT: I didnt put this in weapons or abilities suggestions because its 3 kinds of suggestions. Sorry if I did something wrong.
**EDIT: like 12 views and no replies. If you like this, reply with +1, so I can see if people enjoy this idea.

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Fri Mar 03, 2017 10:57 pm

Interesting ideas :-)

We will soon work on a modifiers system for weapons.

We will keep you up to date about upcoming features and balancing.

Push/pull-forward system will be soon improved.

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